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Even more than the necessity of allowing our children to have a “real” childhood, we as parents NEED to develop a sense of reality. Children have ran and played for centuries near and far, developing SURVIVAL skills, without which, adulthood would have been impossible to navigate.

Our young people are considered “children” until they are 18 in more than a dozen states now. What does that tell us about our society?

My grandfather was 14 when he traveled across country by himself and took possession of  300 acres in Oregon. He worked that land for 5 years, receiving his homestead certificate when he was 19. Now I realize that was a different time, but that was a great deal of work and responsibility even then. He didn’t have anyone waking him up and telling him he had to get out of bed and “oh and don’t forget to take your gun and be sure to watch out for that wounded bear down by the dry creek bed”.

What survival skills do our children have now? What is the biggest danger they face on a day to day basis? I am willing to bet that most parents will reply, “strangers!”

Am I the only one who wonders when the term stranger went from being a potential friend or someone to turn to when you need help, to someone whose only purpose is to somehow victimize anyone they meet? Have “good” people and “bad” people really changed? Or could it be that our great widespread media gods have realized that only the scariest, most horrifying, shock inducing stories garner the most readership? Truthfully, if you sat down and listened to the news for a couple of hours, what do YOU think would be the percentage of good and evil and which do YOU think would come out the winner?


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I have been on the internet off and on since it was in it’s infancy. So now that you know I am one of the ancient ones, I will proceed to write my very first blog entry on my very own (first) blog.

One distinct advantage to being an “elder” is the fact that I have seen and experienced a great deal of history in my trip through this drama they call life. I have been an infant, a child, a youth (girl version), a pre-teen, a teen, a young woman, a mom, an older woman, a grandma and at this point in life a great-grandma.

I have lived in the Pacific Northwest, the Great Southwest, the frozen North and now live in the laid back, home of  fried chicken, grits and southern hospitality, the Deep South.

Life has always been…interesting. I can honestly say that I have never had time to be bored, as life always seems to create too many options to fit into a standard 24 hour day. Now that I am retired I find that I am inherently more harried with projects that demand my attention, than when I was working at a full-time career and raising my three children.

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