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I had to google it to make sure I had the right spelling and right word before I posted this, but here it is, I had an EPIPHANY!

As I lay in bed, suspended between a comfy cocoon of sleep and the stark reality of life, a thought struck me like a jagged bolt of energy surrounding me with blinding brightness. I lay there for a time, picking apart and examining every piece of the thought (and waiting for the little spots to quit dancing in front of my eyes from the effects of the flash).

I am now here to present it to everyone to consider.

Now I don’t have to bring up a certain name, as most people will know who I am referring to, but am simply putting legs to this thought, not for argument sake or to incite negative emotion, but to interject some sanity into the situation.

Here it goes. A certain person bases her hatred of all that we stand for, on one premise she has set in her mind. She proposes that we as mothers have in her words “laid our children out on platters so that our SO loved ones can feed on them” and in the process of that thought she extends that theory to include any and all children that might possibly be accessible in the long run. She is NOT the only one who feels that way, it is a general consensus throughout society, thus their disgust for and overwhelming fear of XSOs and those who give up everything to support their loved ones. There is nothing we can say that will effect a change in that attitude either, because we are considered liars and considered to be in denial about everything surrounding sex offense issues.

I would now like to present our side of that controversy. As we all are painfully aware (and in direct contrast of how we are perceived) NONE of us (especially as mothers and parents) supports sexual abuse or any kind of abuse of an innocent child. We would lay down our lives to protect our families as most parents would.

Now here is what the haters in general DO NOT GET. Yes, some of our loved ones are falsely accused and some of them are guilty, but ALL of them deserve the support they need to get through this time in their lives without ANYONE being destroyed. If they have mental issues they DESERVE the help to get better, not just for themselves, but for the good of all society.

We support our loved ones for the safety of all. Yeah, yeah I know that sounds all noble and everything, but isn’t that the very concept of a strong and loving human bond?

The purpose of this epiphany was to lift everyone up who chooses to support their loved one, not BECAUSE of what they were convicted of, but because by doing so we are CAPABLE of creating a safer world for all and ensure the ability to break the cycle of sexual abuse.

You should be PROUD that you have the strength to do what is needed, no, what is REQUIRED to make this a better world for all. The public registry threatens to steal this power by its very existence, because its purpose is to tear down that which we need to fight the cycle of abuse.


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