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Innocence Perverted

For years we have been warned to monitor our children closely so that they will not be victimized by predators or child molesters. The media has screamed “Stranger Danger” from every available angle and platform as parents clutch their offspring to their breast, trembling in fear.

A recent article has traversed the ever slippery slope leading to the deepest, darkest, pit of degradation and the final loss of innocence for our children. Our babies have BECOME perverts.  According to the article a toddler (3 or 4 years old),  who was involved in the incident, informed an adult that they had touched each other in the bathroom. This immediately lead to a legal chain of events, involving not only the media, but school staff, parents, the school district, attorneys, Department of Social Services and state investigators.

This was further escalated as “Concerns also grew this weekend after a parent called the state’s child abuse hotline to report she witnessed her child, who was not involved in the first incident, touching himself. ”

I can only ask, is there ANY sanity left in this world? When did childhood exploratory behavior become a deviant perversion?

Now not only are children no longer allowed to play outside alone without peering over their shoulders in fear of predators, they now have to fear “predatory” behavior from their peers and themselves!


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